Saturday, August 29, 2015

Conduit Search Protect Disinfector Tool

ConduitSPKiller v1.0


Removes Conduit Search Protect (this is not the same as Conduit Toolbar!)

Important! Backup your files and your registry! I take no responsibility if you loose data, because you forget to create backups.

What is Conduit Search Protect?

Conduit Search Protect comes often bundled with installers of other programs, e.g., PowerISO. It is classified as potentially unwanted program (PUP), meaning, no one with a right mind would actually want that on his/her PC.

Conduit Search Protect sets your browser's default home page, new tab settings and search engine to or
It is hard to get rid off and blocks any attempts to change the browser settings back. Other symptoms are unwanted pop-up and in-text advertisements.
Conduit Search Protect infected PCs usually have an icon showing a blue shied with a white magnifying class in your taskbar.

Conduit Search Protect can cause severe problems after using the Conduit Uninstaller, it may even render your system unbootable (see link)

Tested on:

This version was only tested for Windows XP so far.
You can use this script for other operating systems as well, however, it is possible that not all remnants can be removed in that case.

  • Backup important files
  • Backup your registry (e.g. using ERUNT)
  • Copy & Paste the source into notepad.
  • Save as ConduitSPKiller.bat
  • Run.
Note: A command window will pop up and close again. This is quite normal. The disinfector will selfdestruct, but leave a log.txt in the current working directory. If you encounter any problems, post that log file.
Some error messages in the log file are normal.

Credits for Code and Article: Deque

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